20% Project Bingo Rubric

20% Project Bingo Rubric

May 3, 2014

The semester is over and my project is complete. I feel like I have grown as a person through the research that I have done and the stories I have read. I would not want to have spent my time doing any other topic because I feel that this one is so important and affects so many people. I don’t think people fully understand the severity of global poverty. Part of that is that most Americans are not directly affected by it so see the effects that it can have on individuals and their community.

My future is undecided still as I am graduating from college in less than a week. Despite not having a direct path at this point, I know that my end goal is going to be doing something to help this cause. Technology in any form is so important. It is the foundation of a better life for people living in poverty. There are many ways for people to get involved in this cause and changing the life of a community. I hope this blog has enlightened some people to do more research into how they can be involved.

May 2, 2014

As my 20% project is coming to a close, I am realizing how much I loved working on it. Innovation was the topic of my last post and as the words were coming to me I wanted to do more about poverty eradication. It is possible to see an end to global poverty to that level in my lifetime. We just need the action of a larger group in order to make it a reality. As other posts have shown, there are many groups that want to make a change. It just needs to be based on what the community thinks is better for them.

Innovation is the best way for communities to best find out what changes need to be made in order to fix the problem. This is what the solution needs to be based on and then giving the people the proper resources and technology to go about it. I love the joy that is brought to people when they solve a problem to a solution that directly affects their lives. It is the best feeling to know that you helped give a life changing solution.

April 17, 2014

Open Educational Resources are an interesting idea that I have never seen before. It is simple enough idea, it is no wonder why it had not been thought of before. Allowing other sources to use the same material that educators use in the United States means that more information is reaching a wider audience of people in a simple manner. All that is necessary is computers and WIFI access. Schools and programs in the United States will then post the material to the internet and it can be accessed by anyone. This is key in providing the same information and education to those who are not financially stable enough to give their kids the same education.

This type of information sharing can revolutionizing the way education is taught in third world countries. In this countries, they are so desperate for teachers that most do not have a background in education. Open Educational Resources allow these teachers to have lesson plans despite their experience with creating them. They will be able to give their students the necessary tools so they can continue on with their education. I think this idea should be further developed in order to allow students the same education despite wealth disparities.

March 17, 2014

The blogs and twitter accounts that I have followed have become a jumping off point for looking into other organizations that have the same passion for the cause. It is amazing to see all the groups worldwide that want help provide technology for educational purposes. Although this is a specific topic for a non-profit, there are more organizations than I would have thought that view this causes as more important than the rest. Their purpose is to serve those who do not have the tools to serve themselves.

There are a lot of needs in communities in order to help their lifestyle. Education is seen as the basis of needs pyramid. It foster knowledge, which leads to self help. These companies want give people the tools necessary so they do not have to be dependent on others for their well-being but they need to have the tools to get started. These organizations want to provide these tools in order to get them started. I did not realize how many of these organizations existed but I have come across many in my search to post in this blog. If there are so many companies, then why is this issue still a problem? There stills needs to be more action taken in order to fully solve this problem.

March 8, 2014

As I continue on with this project, I learn more about myself and the importance of technology in the developing world. Technology is something so common in my world, as I have always had technology to utilize. It is difficult to remember that not all are as privileged as I am when it comes to technology in their every day life. Technology has allowed me to explore topics of interest as well as keeping in touch with people I do not see every day. It has allowed me to expand my education and that is key for those in the developing world because they do not have the same education I have in the United States.

This project has been an eye opener for me of what is necessary to facilitate learning inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom. The more research that I do, the more I learn how important of an issue this is. It is the foundation for most of the other problems in the developing world. Once the education problem is fixed, they will be able to find solutions that better benefit their community. The education problem should be fixed by a variety of technologies varying by the needs of the community. This project has become eye opening.

March 4, 2014

We were required to follow five blogs and five people on twitter. This has allowed me to find other people who are interested in the same topics as me. The benefit of this task is that I can find more topics that relate to my blog and use their knowledge to better benefit my readers. These blogs and twitter accounts are more resources that I can use in order to make my blog better.

One of the twitter accounts that I began following was We Can End Poverty. This account is an official account of the UN on Millennium Development Goals. They regularly post links regarding various ways of eradicating poverty in all departments. Another account is Global Citizen. This is an account that I had previously blogged about and after looking at their website, I found them on twitter. This gives a daily reminder of what individuals can do in order to make an impact. They post links to petitions and articles regarding change.

One of the blogs that I am following is Poverty & Policy. This blog has different posts about different categories regarding to policy affecting poverty. This is an informational blog that keeps readers in the loop about poverty in the United States. It is helpful to see the solutions to the problems instead of hypotheticals. Another blog I follow focuses on the developing world. It is titled WASH Technology. WASH stands for water supply, sanitation, and hygiene technologies in the developing world. They discuss technologies regarding specific spheres that can help eradicate poverty. These are the first steps in a long process.

February 14, 2014

Today is Valentine’s Day and this is a day to remember the love we should have for others. The organization that I was posting about understands the concept of love and giving. They give to the impoverished countries, which allows them to help them, help themselves. I feel as if that is the theme of how technology can eradicate poverty. The more I look into this topic, I seem to find evidence that giving people the tools and knowledge so they can figure out the best way to use it is the right way to go about it. Looking into this organization, I found that this is the type of organization I would like to work for someday. They truly want to help those who need it the most and this aligns with the passions I have. This blog is something that could help me in the long run the more I do research into this topic.

Loving is so important in the non-profit line of work. They are giving more of themselves than is asked. Organizations like this one are important in continuing the desire to eradicate poverty. Technology is the key in this and finding a solution takes love and the desire to find one. This project is showing me the importance of NGO’s and they work they do. This is work that is not done by others and these organizations fill the gaps. Love is an important factor in eradicating poverty.

February 3, 2014

As I dive into this project, I continue to find how excited I am to spend my time working on this project. It seems less and less like something I am doing for school because it is something that I am passionate about. I want to work on this project. My experience in Kayamandi has shaped my understanding of the connection between technology and poverty. Researching others views on this topic challenges me to think about my opinion because there are so many ideas on this topic. Nothing has been proven as the best solution to alleviate poverty.

Researching does not feel like work because I want to understand this problem and the proposed solutions. This could turn into a future for me implementing the solutions that I find. Taking a year after graduation to work in this field would be ideal future for me. This research could be the basis for work in the future. Over the course of the semester, this project is going to challenge me to think and expand all areas of learning. I am so excited to see this project unfold and the path that it takes me down.

After just a few days working on this project, I understand why companies like google have implemented this project with their employees. It allows people to fully engage in something they love and that makes them more motivated in all aspects of their life.


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