We were tasked to create a stop animation video that met the requirements from a standard in education. I chose to make a video that taught Kindergarteners their colors. VAKAR. 1 is the standard that goes along with this lesson. The subject is under visual arts. This standard “discusses his or her own artwork and the artwork of others” underneath the standard is “H. Correctly names colors” which directly correlates with the idea of our stopanimation and teaching students the colors of the rainbow. This video will help students learn the colors because it pairs the colors with every day objects that kindergarteners will know. By having the colors side by side with objects that are the same color, students will be able to recognize where they can see the colors in their day-to-day life. There is creativity in this video because it gives students an opportunity to answer what objects go with colors before they are told in the video. It is a different take on a lecture video because there is interaction involved in the lecture.

It is important to integrate student- generated educational videos because it is a creative way to integrate students work into the classroom. There is pride involved in seeing ones work being shown in class, which will make students work harder on these projects. When creating videos it is important to have a plan before creating the work. Without a layout and map, it will be chaotic and more difficult to have a story line that can be followed. Working hard at the beginning to create a storyboard will help down the road in regards to finishing the project.


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