Communication and Collaboration

The past week we have worked on our Communication and Collaboration Center project. During this project we worked on a video trailer for a type of productive or destructive group behavior and a commercial for a tool. We collaborated in a group of three in order to finish the projects in the allotted amount of time. I enjoy learning this way because it was hands on and I feel like I could use the applications and tools in the future now that I have used them.

The video trailer was a preview of how to work in a group positively by showing a digresser. The digresser was a student who distracts others and takes the off task. Throughout the trailer we showed the process of how a digresser could get the group of task and the tactics that they can use to accomplish this. By the end of the video, the student who was the digresser learned how to work in a group setting productively. I enjoyed using the movie trailer application because it was user friendly and easy to pick up. Filming all the parts reinforced how to work in a group because there were three of us working on the commercial. We used every idea that the others came up with and stayed on task. This is the link to the trailer 

The second video was a commercial for a technology tool. We decided to do OOVOO. This is a video communication application that allows people to communicate when they are not physically together. Our target audience were study abroad students. We wanted to give them a tool that they could use to connect with family and friends while abroad. The commercial followed three friends and how they kept in touch while one was abroad. We also showed the website to go to and how to use the application. This commercial was much harder to create as there was a bit of a learning curve with imovie. We eventually figured it out by working together to create a commercial that we were all proud of. This is our video


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