About The Author

Alexis is a fourth year student at the University of Georgia studying International Affairs and Political Science. During May 2012, Alexis traveled to Stellenbosch, South Africa for a study abroad. A large portion of this trip was focused around service learning in the community of Kayamandi and Lynedoch. Kayamandi is the poor township right outside of the college where people do not have all their basic needs met. While there, she taught young adults how to use a computer and spent a week in a creche (preschool) with kids. This experience sparked Alexis’ interest in finding ways to alleviate poverty through technology.

The target learner in this blog is anyone who wants to learn more about what they can personally do in order to help alleviate poverty in developing nations. There is not a specific group that can take away the point of this blog because it is applicable to most people who have an interest in this subject. There are many resources on the blog that relate specifically to people who already have an interest in this topic and want to learn more about it.

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