This is the key word when considering the role of technology in impoverished nations. Innovation is “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices of methods” (Merriam-Webster). Innovation is important in every aspect of technology be it for computers or water purifying technology. People often lose sight that technology is greater than what our minds think of it. We must open our minds in order for innovation to truly succeed and for poverty to be a thing of the past.

Innovation can come from the simplest of places. It is just finding a new and better way to do an every day task. This is key in poverty because it is the little things that will change people’s lives. The innovation can be done by those outside the community but it is best achieved when it is done from within. This is because they know the problems that need to be fixed. What needs to be provided in order to enhance this type of thinking are groups that sole purpose is to come up with innovative ways to think of old problems.

One example of innovative thinking comes from Malawi. William Kamkwamba realized that there was an energy problem in his community. With that knowledge and his passion to learn, he checked out a book from the library on energy. After reading the book, he wanted to build his own windmill in his community. He did not have the materials necessary to build a traditional windmill so he got untraditional materials including PVC pipe and a bicycle frame. His windmill powered four lightbulbs and cell phones (End Poverty Now). It is innovating thinking like this from within a community that will change their world and end poverty. Traditional thinking needs to be thrown out the door in order to end global poverty one community at a time.

Taken from End Poverty Now.


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