Technological Justice

Now that we have addressed the problem of poverty in third world countries and learned about some solutions that are being used, it is time to spend some time on how individuals can get involved in eradicating poverty through technology. The big ideas are the groundwork of solving this problem but there is also room for individuals to give their time or money in order to help this issue. There are many organizations that one can get involved with to create technological justice. I want to spend the next couple of posts highlighting the importance of getting involved in an organization to help those in poverty so they can help themselves.

Technological justice is the right of people to decide which technologies will assist them in leading the life they want to. This means that they need the options in order to make these decisions. In order to have these decisions they need donations of technology so they are able to pick what would be best for their community. The donations need to be one of the first steps in the process and that needs money to accomplish. All the organizations involved in wanting to bring technology to poverty stricken communities accept donations. Although money is not the only resource necessary, it is a key component and a way for individual people to get involved.

Time is the other resource one can donate. The technology is the first step but in order for the technology to be used they need to learn how to use it. Volunteers can be the way to close the gap between the technology they have and the lack of technological knowledge. Individuals can make a difference in the poverty gap. Organizations are not the only groups that can make a difference in poverty stricken communities. Single steps at a time need to be taken. This is a long term process that takes time, money, and most of all desire. Technological justice needs to be the focus so the other issues can be helped once technology portion is there.


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